Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School 2012

Yesterday was JR's last day of school.  We started the morning with a special breakfast:

Then it was on to awards day at school.
JR and his awesome 2nd grade teacher:

Not the best pic, but the best we could do, one of the other 2nd graders took this for us.

Can't believe how much they've grown!

After awards day, we co hosted a end of school pool party with JR's second grade class at our neighborhood pool:

I spotted a luna moth!  So amazing.

Drink table at the party towards the end.  I was able to reuse almost all of ML's mermaid party decor.  No pic of the snack table, it was a total mess by now!  Wet 2nd graders and m&m's make quite the mess.  Ha!