Thursday, May 3, 2012

Which way to Essex?

All the local moms have been raving about the 'new' Essex store that came in.  If you were like me and don't know, Essex, is evidently some kind of Amazon return/ overstock store with limited locations.  According to those in the know, we are super lucky to have an Essex and it is every bargain hunters dream come true.

The store isn't located in my usual daily route, so it took me a while to get over there and check it out. It's pretty dirty and overall looks more like a Salvation Army than a retail outlet.  But the prices on most things are amazing.  The items for sale were hit or miss.  There would be a ton of one thing - flip flops, etc. but then there were sections that had only one of each item.  There were a ton of TV's and electronics, but I don't know anything about those prices - so do your research before you head out if you are going in search of electronics.

I thought the best deals were on toys and baby items.  Like this Melissa and Doug Grocery store for $40.

The baby item deals were amazing - one of the reasons I went in was to look for items for my friend having triplets.  I got so excited when I saw one of the carseats on her 'wanted' list, but alas, it was a pink one (no good if you are having 3 boys!  Ha!)  It was for sale for $80, normal price is $140.

Finally, I found this elliptical machine for $287.  Not a bad discount from the normal price of $400.
Not sure if Essex will be part of my regular shopping rotation, but I think I'll be back to shop for 'big' items.