Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JR's First Pep Rally

Last Friday was such a fun day!  JR had his first pep rally (for his little football team - how cute is that?) and the whole grammar school participated.  

This year I am room mom for both JR and ML's classes, which sounds like a lot, but I'm lucky to have a great group of parents to work with in JR's class, so I just do most of the set up/ take down in JR's class and one of the other parents actually oversees the parties/ events.  In ML's class, I do the set up/ take down and I make sure I'm able to be in the room during the parties - so fun! 
 For the Pep Rally each class made signs/ pennants and we had face paint on hand in case anyone wanted their face painted.  It was so cute seeing them all with their 'Warrior' stripes!

Some of the big kids with their signs:

It was LOUD in the PE gym  REALLY LOUD - this photo almost captures how excited they were!:

The school mascot was there.  Here he is with some of the little sisters of the football players:

The Varsity cheerleaders came.  I think JR was beside himself over that.

The team gathered, waiting to have their names called out and run through the 'tunnel' the cheerleaders created:

The 'tunnel' of cheerleaders:

JR and two sweet friends at the Pep Rally:

Such a great, memorable event!