Friday, August 24, 2012

On our way home

After we dropped Big Daddy off at the airport in Orlando, we had the option of returning to the beach for up to a week longer, but at that point I was so ready to be home it wasn't even funny.  In the month of July I spent just 11 nights in my bed.  Eleven!  As much as I love to travel, I was ready for my home.
We always take 2 days to drive the 12 hour trip home from the beach.  It's more fun for everyone that way.  Of course, we wanted to fit in a few stops.  
The Olympics were in full swing, so we stopped off in Atlanta and visited:
Olympic Centennial Park!
The kids loved playing in the fountains:
Lots of lovely sculptures:

And the playground:
Then it was time for another Atlanta favorite: The Varsity!
Check out this photo bomb in the pic below.  At the time I didn't even see that guy in the background.  When I got home, we laughed so hard at him!:

Later, we stopped at the Etowah Indian Mounds in Georgia:
It was a beautiful day, but it was SO HOT!!!!
They even had signs up saying 'remember to drink plenty of water.'  I joked that at that moment, I wished JR wasn't able to read road signs yet.  Ha!
Of course we had to climb the mounds, so we made the sweaty journey to the top:
The views were amazing. No wonder all the indian chiefs lived up there!  In the distance you can see the moat they dug around the village - that's where they got the dirt to build the mounds.  Isn't it fascinating?

We were all exhausted after our visit to the mounds, but we made one last stop right before we crossed over the Alabama state line - The World's Longest Yard Sale was going on!  We had no idea, but we had a good time looking around (sorry no pictures.)  And then finally, we were home!  School was just days away and my bed was as awesome as I remembered.