Thursday, August 9, 2012


Well, today was the day.  ML started Kindergarten.  I know she went to half day Kindergarten last year, so one would think that this transition wouldn't be as big of a deal, but it is - at least to me.  

 From this point forward, ML will spend most of her waking hours at school 9 months of the year.
 All those precious hours of infancy and toddlerhood slipped by so very fast.
 ML loves to play with dolls.  She loves baby dolls - all kinds of dolls - and she loves this American Girl Doll that once belonged to me.  ML was so excited when the uniform store had a matching outfit for her doll!
 My big girl!

My big girl and her doll:
 Sweet siblings.  JR was soooooo excited to have his sister at his school!
 I hope they get to see each other at lunch!
 ML loved her classroom.  She has the same Kindergarten teacher JR had 3 years ago.  We love Ms. R!
 We spent a few minutes with her in the classroom before we left:

Here's to a great Kindergarten year!