Sunday, August 26, 2012

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

It has been a full on nutty two weeks!  Football, dance, choir, life! has kept us on the run.  

JR at his first game of the season (a jamboree):

Loving that #15!

We were invited to a Roaring 20's birthday party.  So fun!

This weekend, I got to help craft for a construction themed dinner at church:
These photos don't do the cuteness of the event justice.  Those centerpieces are adorable - all thought up in the mind of my creative friend, Leah.  Those are building plans on the tables, so cute!

Big Daddy was in a skit at the event.  He was in typical Big Daddy form.  Hysterical!

On Saturday we had a meeting to attend, so the kids stayed with a sitter until we went to JR's football game.  After the game we had a late lunch and then we split up.  Big Daddy and JR left for home and ML and I went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese:

From that party, it was straight to a local place where our friends gathered to celebrate Big Daddy's birthday in style.
It was a great evening that turned into a great night.  We love dining on this patio!  The live music and atmosphere made it hard to leave, but eventually the kids were 'done.' so we headed home.
We brought a couple extra with us for a sleep over.
After church, helping someone move, visiting the grandparents, and another meeting tonight, Big Daddy and I are 'done' too.  It was a great weekend!