Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just a Swingin'

We gave our kids their swing set for Christmas.  Mr. Safety (aka Big Daddy) had held onto 'they don't need anything bigger than Little Tykes' a year or two too long.  
With JR being so big, ML not being an outdoor girl, and our neighborhood being so 'front porch' oriented, we worried that it might not be used much.  My mother in law actually advised against us buying one.  
But I felt like every kid should have one 'big kid' playset.  So I insisted, and we invested in a small playground.
 We should have invested quite a bit more!  ML and JR LOVE this playset!  ML probably more than JR, but that's just because JR spends more time with his friends out front.
 This girl LOVES to soar high up into the air on the swing.  This is usually what she does every night while I cook dinner.
 I love this girl and her free spirit!

 She loves to run:
 And jump!
That last photo cracks me up.  Evidently they are learning how to leap in ballet and now ML is leaping everywhere!