Monday, May 2, 2011

An April to Remember

Hello All!

It has been one crazy April - beyond just April showers that's for sure! It's been so crazy, I'm not even sure where to begin, so I've decided to just start at the beginning:

April started off with baseball, baseball and more baseball (more on that in a later post!) It also started with the much anticipated Spring Break. Our spring break was super late this year - our school system decided they wanted to do all of the standardized testing before spring break, so for the first time in memory, our spring break was in April! I know some of you have spring break in April every year, but for those of us used to a break in March, waiting until April was super difficult!

The kids and I flew into Orlando on a Monday. My mother in law flew into Orlando from Chicago, and by the time we landed, my mother in law already had our rental car waiting! We made the short drive to their condo and were soon on the beach!

On Wednesday, my father in law flew in. On Thursday Big Daddy joined us. Pool time was WAY more fun after that!

We did quite a few things this trip we hadn't done before. One was feeding alligators! (Or crocodiles??) We were given small bits of 'meat' - really more like meat flavored dog treats - that we attached to bobby pins and then let the meat hang over the fence with a cane pole and string. When we arrived, the crocs looked pretty comfortable on the platform, but they got pretty lively after they saw the cane poles!
Of course, these crocodiles were at a mini - golf place (I mean, aren't they all? :-) So we played a rousing game of mini golf (which I dominated, no matter what Big Daddy says!)

And of course, lots more beach time!

The last new thing we did on the trip was visit a local Zoo/ Gardens, where the birds were the biggest hit!