Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pomp and Circumstances

So this week, I was once again reminded that I'm one of the 'lucky' parents, for while I have to say goodbye to Preschool, some parents are having to say goodbye to high school! I'm sure I'll be ready for JR's and ML's graduations when they arrive, but at the moment - I just can't quite wrap my mind around it!

'Our Miss' K., has been an amazing babysitter for us over the past year. She is reliable, mature, and just overall a wonderful person. We were not surprised at all when she received a full scholarship to the University of Alabama! As hard as it is to see her go to 'that school' (HA!), we are so proud and so happy for her! 'Miss' K.'s parents were kind enough to invite us to her graduation luncheon and we were happy to attend and celebrate her accomplishments!

K. and JR
K and ML

K and one of my dearest friends!
We weren't able to attend the graduation ceremony, but we wish K. and all the other graduates we know the BEST of things to come! Can't wait to see what God does in these young people's lives - each graduate we know is a young person full of potential. No doubt God has great plans for them!

Friday morning, we got in the car to head to school, and guess what happened?????

Absolutely nothing.


The car was dead as a doornail.

I was too freaked out by the whole hybrid battery system that our car uses to attempt to jump it off myself, so I called a tow truck to take it to the dealership. All the while, kind of stressing out about all the things I needed to do that day - not the least of which was GET JR TO SCHOOL! , how would I get them done without a car, etc.

Well, when to tow truck guy arrived, guess what he had to do to even get the car in neutral to get it out of the garage? Jump it off. Sheesh! It started right up and I was able to take the kids to school and drive directly to the dealership (I couldn't turn the car off however - had to leave it running the entire time I was in the school!)

The dealership determined it was just my 'regular' car battery that had died, NOT the much more expensive hybrid battery (whew!) And Big Daddy was able to drive the company truck around all day, allowing me to drive his truck (so sorry to all the curbs in the area that day - not a one was safe. :-) Reminding me once again, how very blessed I am - even in the worst of my circumstances.

Yesterday was REALLY ML's last day of preschool (5 days were added on after graduation to make up for our week off for snow.) And it was finally time for the ceremonial 'tossing of the sparkly shoes.'

ML has to wear closed toed shoes to school every day. Problem is, she's not much of a tennis shoes girl and very few of her outfits go with tennis shoes anyway. Ever since she discovered the glitter shoes at Target, we've had at least one or two pairs at all times. Some times they are red, other times pink, this past November we chose silver. By about March they were looking pretty bad, but I thought, "Why buy a new pair of shoes for just 2 months?" (She lives in flip flops in the summer.)

I probably should have just caved and bought a new pair though! This was the result of those extra 2 months:

Oh well, next time we'll just buy a pair in every color. :-)