Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Put Me in the Zoo

I was able to attend JR's last Field Trip of the year yesterday. We went to a local (local meaning 2 hours away!) zoo and had a TON of fun. JR had to ride in a 'girl car' - meaning there he was the only boy in the car and he pretended to be not so happy about it. Of course, I know that he loves those sweet girls in his class as much as he loves the boys, but he had to make a big show of saying, "Aw man, I have to ride in a girl car!" Ha!

ML was more than happy to stay behind and spend the day with my mom. By all accounts they had the best time playing outside, having tea parties, dressing up, and watching movies while we were sweating to death at the zoo.

I really had the best time riding down with C's mom and the kids. She is just the nicest person and a saint for driving us all! Can't ask for more than that, especially after I discovered that she had just returned from a trip to Indiana on Sunday.

I have always loved that Dr. Seuss book Put Me In the Zoo. I have an old, raggedy copy from my childhood sitting on a bookshelf in my office.

Don't think I would put these three in the zoo though. I was more than happy to take them back home with us! Sweet kids and special memories!