Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinner at the Ballet

I am constantly inspired by Melissa over at A Little Loveliness. She does so many special things for her children, including a lovely dinner each year for her daughter's ballet recital. Inspired by this, we also had a special dinner before heading to ML's ballet performance.

Grilled Chicken Tenders
Sweet Potatoes
Strawberry Yogurt with Strawberry Garnish
Pink Lemonade

We also had great plans to make pink cupcakes, but bad weather and too little time spoiled those plans. Oh, well! We can always make cupcakes today right? Really, you don't need a reason to make cupcakes - at least not at this house!

After dinner it was on to the performance! ML danced as one of Alice's 'teardrops' in Alice in Wonderland.

I love this one because it shows how unpredictable dance can be at this age:

ML waving her scarf, and a little glimpse of ML's class assistant, whom ML and her classmates have named "Princess C." because they think she is soooooo beautiful! :

Daddy and his ballerina: