Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's almost recital time! ML's ballet class is practicing hard in preparation. Yesterday was ballet for us, and I got these pictures of her class through the window.

Tomorrow, we need to make a drop off at our local charity. Anyone else ever look at all those garbage bags of donations and wonder, "How did I ever acquire all this stuff anyway?"

Also, I'm hoping to make a trip over to help with the tornado relief again. I won't be able to do nearly the good work Big Daddy has done, but I hope to help in my own little way.
This makes me sad. I know this isn't the worst of it, but even over a week after the tornadoes, people are still living with trees in their houses!

My sweet friend Donna and her daughter and I volunteered with the food services for tornado victims and volunteers last week. It was a blast! Also, you should ask Donna about the tour of the area I took her on - it was very scenic! Ha!