Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend feels like a million years ago now. But at least I have the photos to remind me!

Egg coloring with cousins at my parent's house.

Easter morning:

We had lunch and our first Egg hunt at my parent's house:

Sweet cousins only 3 months apart in age! 3 months to the day!

When we got home from my parents, JR took these pictures of us:

For dinner, we went over to our friends - the S. family's- house where we dined with not only the S family, but also our sweet friends the B. family!
(that's Big Daddy hosing down JR's shoes in the background. They had taken the kids down to the river for a walk while the Easter Bunny hid the eggs. JR got at little too close to the edge and fell in the mud.)

Another egg hunt! Success!

Fun times!

I swear we're normal. :-)